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Buying a phone is becoming difficult and in the process people either buy a phone they don’t need or a phone that doesn’t fulfill their need but in both cases money is wasted. We will give you mobile shopping tips on how to choose a phone that will meet your needs and save you money. Let’s start with something that sounds complicated but isn’t.


Among mobile purchasing tips, tip #1 is about processors. See, if I give you a list that these processors are available at this price then that list will be outdated after some time and the list has no meaning because see, some time ago oppo was selling 695 while this processor was available at a lower price. 20000 and at that time the creators refused. What I mean is that whenever there is a problem with the processor, you will know it. When processors are good no one talks about them, everyone shows benchmark scores and says the scores are good, etc. If it increases, then instead of a list, I give you some suggestions.

Samsung doesn’t provide good processors, they will give their own which is not very good on the computer front. Oppo also has the same processor for the price.

Tip number two is not correct. If you want performance, understand two things, a high peak performance and a high sustained performance, and sustained performance is much better than peak performance because it will provide performance for longer periods. So look at any gaming tests that run for hours or throttling graphs, it will tell you how long this processor will deliver continuous performance.

Storage Matters

But processor plays no small role in performance, storage also plays a big role in mobile purchasing tips and is very important to look at. The easiest way is to search by entering the name of your phone and then writing the storage type in the results, the bigger the number written in front of UFS, the faster your storage will be and I also give you a chart, 200000 under the You will get ufs2.1. From 25 to 30 you try to get ufs3.0 and after that you get ufs3 but one problem is that ufs3 doesn’t support 128 GB, it only starts from 256, so many There will be phones in which you will get ufs3. .0 for 128 GB and 256USD, you will get ufs3, That is, by paying more, not only the amount of storage is increasing, but the speed is also increasing and that makes a real difference and one thing, around 10-15. Hertz, you’ll find it in phones that still have eMMC storage today. Say goodbye to such hassles and don’t even go near them, once the camera is average it will work but if the storage is average then the phone will start lagging and that’s something nobody likes and one thing nobody likes is bad.

Network Considerations:

Mobile purchasing tips network is also a tip for you, Google phones have network problems, not all phones, but Pixel condition is the same in every phone, so if you are getting Pixel, keep it. Keeping in mind that the phone will heat up and the network will not be good, this was the tip and now generally 4G is not available for free and even if you get it you should not get 5G because Jio 5G may come and Carrier aggregation is available in almost every phone these days. If it supports it then it’s not a big problem, you have to check 5G, and you don’t have the problem of network on and off in any phone, I told you about them.

Prioritizing Security:

Mobile Purchasing Tips Include Security You can’t say the same thing with security because not every phone is secure as only a few traps have hardware-based security services that keep you safe, if you don’t fall for them. If you want to be then what will happen? What you do to stay safe Every time we browse the Internet, our data is safe. It doesn’t and a VPN ensures your online security.

Mysterium VPN, being a decentralized VPN, gives you the freedom to connect to any of the 135 countries, so you can access content from other regions while sitting in India. Or you can save money on hotel and flight bookings by changing your location, not only that, we also keep your online activity private so that your activity is not tracked, even by Mysterium VPN itself. Can’t track it. If you want to try Mysterium VPN, there is a link in my description.

Choosing the Right UI: Mobile Purchasing Tips

Different user interfaces (UIs) offer different features, bloatware, and update schedules. Prefer UIs that offer comprehensive features, minimal bloatware, and regular updates for the best user experience.

GoatTier is exactly an iOS account, so firstly OneU is fine, you will get full features and probably more than others, although there are no ads, but sometimes Kabar is very annoying. It is taken seriously which is why today their UI is very smooth and has no ads at all and updates are regular. They come on time and mostly updates that fix things and don’t make them worse. Pay for the fourth one and don’t ask for updates at all because things are so bad.

Camera and Battery Considerations:

Mobile buying tips also include camera performance as you have to think about many things in a camera, such as how much you use the camera, or whether the job is more for videos or photos. , if it is for videos then go for it if you are going to take two or four photos a month then buy a phone. Well, it doesn’t matter much, but if you keep thinking about it What do I know, after a month I will take more photos or more videos, I don’t know a bit, I will see the situation in front of me, see if you don’t know it means that you will use less camera If there were more, you’d know what you want and if you fall into that category, pick up any kind of camera-centric mid-ranger, your job will be like muting the Pixel. 6 and snape’s and try.

So that no one else’s opinion becomes yours, you can thank this gentleman for the tip, but still, I would say don’t base your decision on the videos because the public first YouTube 60p Let’s see and then you see. You can’t trust anyone’s opinion on YouTube because personal choice is also a thing, so look at the colors in the photos to get your personal preference, look at the details, and decide from there which phone color you like best. Is. One of the great things about the websites is that they take pictures of the same location from each phone, so it will be easy for you to compare and the same goes for the battery due to personal preference. Nowadays, you don’t have to think that much, one day almost every phone takes the rest, things also depend on your usage, so I can’t give you the right choice.

If you use the phone a lot, obviously the battery is the only concern in the world. The capacity will also be high and in my opinion, if the charging is reasonably fast, 45 to 60 watts is enough because the faster you charge it the faster it will discharge and it needs some rest, And I have to. A lesson from YouTube. Please also mention apps in the videos you show on screen on time as without apps showing this graph or showing AOT is pointless.

Now as I showed you my screen time is 5 hours and in my usage, if you show that Gunjan has an effect as well, you will think, man, I don’t play Gunshan, so I get more than five. But, when you know the individual apps things will be easier. The only advice I can give you is to not charge the phone battery to 100% because whether the battery is bad or not, I’m not going into that debate. Let’s keep things a little simpler. If you only charge the system, don’t overdo it.

The Importance of Offline Inspection:

Now that was all. Let’s move on to new mobile shopping tips, and mainstream tech stuff, and look at online versus offline, we’ll talk about where to buy it later, but you should go to the store and Must see your product. I’ll give you four logical reasons to avoid cheapness, because first and foremost, you’ll know that the phone’s design and How it feels because both of these things are subjective, like I have a bit bigger hands, so a bigger phone feels good in my hands, but if you have smaller hands, it might not be as comfortable for you. The reason is that max2 when he got the phone, many people said that the feeling of his hand has become very good. But some people including me don’t like it. If you feel like this, check your phone once to see if it fits in your hand or not. Second, mobile purchasing tips include items that will help you with display selection.

Saying LED doesn’t help, its colors should be AMOLED too even if you want a flagship. Even if you are buying, 108p resolution is enough because it will save battery and it doesn’t matter on such a small screen. Even in my Ultra, I keep the screen at 1080p because going beyond that gives the mind satisfaction, nothing else. The same goes for 10-bit displays. A 10-bit display won’t even show up on a screen this small, so there’s no point in paying extra for it and you can understand how bright the display can be just offline. The brightness nits number is useless and if your screen is not visible outside, this thing will annoy you a lot.

Audio quality

Mobile purchasing tips include audio quality. If you don’t understand much by hearing the sound of such speakers in videos, then you will understand these things better by going in person and fourthly, go to an offline store once and ask for the price of your phone. . Many times offline people meet with online people to get the price and also talk about the service center because nowadays people need it a lot. You can watch as many videos of service centers as you want, I visited this service center.


Just keep in mind that whatever phone you buy, you should note these mobile shopping tips. Its service should be the best available around you and the fact that you buy a phone to use it will dictate your fate if it breaks and every company has one thing. is what she focuses on more than anything else. Putting things in writing what is special about each and some very obvious things but people forget,Keep 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage to a minimum and remember it with RAM: Game Boost and Extra RAM. Promote, it’s all nonsense, don’t fall into its trap. Choose a screen above 90Hz as it makes a big difference. I am only talking to you about iPhones and don’t focus on camera megapixels, focus on the samples posted on websites.


What should you consider before buying a phone?
Before buying a phone, consider above given mobile purchasing tips and factors such as your budget, your specific needs and preferences, the phone’s performance (including processor and storage), network compatibility, security features, user interface, camera quality, battery life, and offline inspection for design, display, audio quality, and pricing.

How to buy a good phone?
First of all, you have to see your pocket and important things like RAM, ROM, sound quality, security, network, camera of mobile. must read the above mobile purchasing tips.

How do I know what phone to buy?
A phone that is budget-friendly and has better features than others will be more suitable.

How much RAM is good for a phone?
Phones with at least 6GB of RAM are good for most users and give smooth multitasking and app performance. Higher RAM capacities, such as 8GB or 12GB.must read in mobile purchasing tips above.

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